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Create Your Own Card : PDPVC41

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STREET No. 123, CITY, COUNTRY - 1234. 0280-246464 I 98981 98989 [email protected] I www.company.com
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Qty :

Paper Material :

Round Die Cutting

Round Die Cutting

Product Description:

Card Size :

Full Bleed Size   :   w : 87 mm x h : 47 mm (The area that will be cut off after the business card is printed and cut down to the finished size)

Safety Area        :   w : 82 mm x h : 42 mm (All text should come under this area)


Paper Stock :

250 GSM Texture Material to make your card look aesthetically good.

Process : Die cut.


Upload Specification :

Ensure you have proof-read for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Ensure the text is placed with-in the safety area.